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Frequency Data Logger

  • Power Meter with Datalogging Records Voltage, Current, Amperage, Frequency, Power (Reactive, Apparent, Active), Energy, Power Factor, Peak Demand, Run Time, THD and Individual Harmonics
  • 16 Different Alarm Parameters for Alerts
  • Various I/O Modules Available for Digital Inputs/Outputs, Analog Inputs/Outputs and Relay Outputs
  • Compatible with Single or Three-Phase Electrical Systems up to 600 Volts AC
  • View Data and Charts Online in a Browser and Receive Email Notifications with Optional Ethernet Communications Module
  • Modbus, Ethernet and Profibus Communication Ports Available
  • ±0.2% Accuracy with ANSI C12.20 Standard for Revenue Grade Meters

DT80 Data Acquisition System
DT80 Data Acquisition System
Acuvim II Power Meter with Data Logging
Acuvim II Power Meter with Data Logging